Have you ever wonder who DKKers really are?!…

…Following our posts, you will get to know us more and more week after week!!

We are finally back with the “Student of the week” posts, after a little break. I know the suspense  is killing you, so I will not annoy you with some boring introduction. Let´s go directly to the point and introduce the student of the week 47: Cynthia Salkovic, first year student.

Interviewer [I]: Hi Cynthia! Tell us shortly who you are!
Cynthia [C]: I´ m a fun, loving person and I like making people laugh. I believe that, in order to understand a person, you have to try and see or look at things from the person´s perspective. Especially in a multi-cultural environment like BTH.
[I]: Can you tell us something funny about moving to Sweden?
[C]: Food! I was really craving for my home food, but now I think I have found my way around. I do make my home food here with the Swedish ingredients, kind of bricolage.
[I]: How does it feel after having spent the first semester at DKK?
[C]: It feels great, I am even more enthusiastic about what we will be learning in the second semester.
[I]: Which assignment are you most proud of, and why?
[C]: I am proud of all my assignments so far, I like this particular one from language studies, because of the sensitive nature of the chosen topic. The assignment was to write about an upcoming event and I wrote about Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon Race.
See my assignment at:
Thanks Cynthia for the cooperation!

Would you like to suggest the next student of the week? LEAVE A COMMENT!

See you next week with a new student of DKK!!

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  1. Benjamin said:

    I would like Stella to be next as she is a interesting, crazy person!

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